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Serving Edmonton and calgary

We are mobile.


We provide mobile massage to women,
couples & corporate clients.

Don’t worry, we have cars.

Don’t worry, we have cars.

Mobile Massage

Have a massage in your living room while the laundry is running and the kids are in bed! We’ll massage mom while dad does the dinner dishes, and then massage dad too! We direct bill so you can relax and crawl right into bed after, ready for the best sleep ever.

If you can’t find your living room, come to ours.

If you can’t find your living room, come to ours.

Home Clinic Massage

Does your living room look like a tornado hit? Or maybe it’s too small to set up a massage table? A Home Clinic Massage takes place in our therapist’s home. It is a more inexpensive option, and you may choose any therapist you want since you are the one doing the driving!

Sitting is the new smoking.

Sitting is the new smoking.

Office Massage

Want your employees to be excited to come to work? Invite us into your office once or on a regular basis. We can set up a massage table for hour-long full-body massages or several massage chairs for a 15 minute focus on the back and shoulders. Wouldn’t you be excited to come to work if you knew you were getting a massage that day?

We can even direct bill so employees can use their benefits!

Business & Massage Classes

We regularly hold classes on massage techniques, Business bookkeeping, marketing, self-care for the massage therapist (or anyone who regularly abuses their hands), removing your abundance blocks, self-defense & more!


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